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16 July 2007

Rio Grande chirping frogs all over Broussard!

Well, some of you already know that I've found Rio Grande chirping frogs both on my street and on the grounds of the Zoo of Acadiana in Broussard. This past week, I've obtained unlimited access to the large tracts of woods at the end of St. Nazzaire in my neighborhood. Originally securing access for insect sampling purposes, I took a quick walk down to the woods last night, mainly to get a quick count on Carolina tiger beetles, Tetracha (=Megacephala) carolina. I really didn't enter the woods all that far, when I began hearing chirping frogs. Being that I was excited to add another locality for this species, I took GPS coordinates. Before long, I was hearing them from every direction, eventually amounting to a strong code 2, almost upwards to a 3!!!

Come August, my friend Rob Dobbs (who co-discovered the zoo population with me) will be coming back in town from where he now lives in Colorado. We will be beginning bird work on the coast of Cameron Parish, but before work begins, we have plans to obtain high-quality voice recordings of these frogs.

Any future documentation/news will be noted.



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